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Terms of Use


This website www.finalmail.com, hereinafter called "Finalmail", property of the Company Social Commerce Single Member Private Capital Company, based in Athens, Greece. This website offers information to visitors about the providing services, but also the possibility for them to use the services of Finalmail, according to the following terms and conditions, which are fully harmonized with the terms and conditions of the General Regulation 2016/679 about the protection of data (General Data Protection Regulation). The use of our Services is also subject to Cookie and Privacy Policy, which concerns the way with which we collect, use, share and save your personal data. Prior to the use of such services, the visitor/user should read the terms and conditions carefully. If the visitor/user is not agreeable to them, he/she should not make any use of such services, otherwise by any such use it will be considered as a complete acceptance of the present terms and conditions by the visitor/user.

Finalmail is an online platform that provides online services. Specifically, each visitor/user has the right to create profiles, to register and save emails to his account, hereinafter «final mails», optionally with attached archives. The recipients (hereinafter Recipients) of the Final Mails are chosen by him. The user also registers, in his profile, online accounts of third parties hereinafter «trusted contacts». The trusted contacts are the only people who can ask Finalmail to send the final mails of the user and any attached archives to their recipients. The operators of Finalmail do not participate or get informed about the content of the saved by the user e-mails, attached archives, videos or photos. The users are solely responsible for the administration of their profile and of the saved archives, photos and videos in their account. The operators of Finalmail have no control of or responsibility for the behavior of the users or of any third party, who uses the website and refuses to accept responsibility. Users of the website and services application are, in the broad sense of the term (users), all the people who use the website and create profiles in it. Finalmail reserves the right to alter or amend the applicable terms and conditions for the use of the Website at any time. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions to the terms and conditions of use will be effective immediately following their communication, which may be given by any means including, but not limited to the posting of new conditions of use on the website. The visitor/user is requested to check the content of the terms of use for any changes and revisions. Any use or continued use of the website after such change or modification or renewal or revision shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by users of such changes, modifications, additions, deletions, etc. These revised terms will supersede all previous versions of the Terms of Use.

A. How does Finalmail Work
The website can be used in order for the users to create accounts, (hereinafter Account) with the purpose of conveying their Final mails, in case something occurs, to the recipients chosen by them. Every visitor of the website can create an account in the website of Finalmail. With the registration of the account in the website of the Company, the personal data which is notified and published by the users will remain in the database of Finalmail until the withdrawal of their consensus, in other words until the irrevocable removal of their profile from the website or until the final mails are sent to their recipients.

Pilot account
For the initial registration of a user, a payment is not required. After the registration of the user in Finalmail, his account is partially created and saved in the database of Finalmail. The user can try all the provided services except for the connection of the account with a mobile phone number. The access to the online services is unlimited for 24 hours, which start from the time of the initial registration. When the user accesses his account 24 hours after the initial registration, he is redirected to the website of payment in order to complete the payment which enables the full registration of his account. In the case that the user does not successfully pay within 30 days, his account is deleted permanently and irreversibly from the database of Finalmail. Deletion includes all data which the user created; the online addresses of trusted contacts and recipients, the final mails and the attached archives.

Trusted contacts
The user has to identify at least 2 but not more than 5 trusted contacts, people who will be able in the future to ask for their final mails, including any attached archives, of the user to be sent to their recipients. Identification starts with the introduction of their e-mails. When the user defines a new trusted contact, Finalmail sends an informative email to the specified email address of the trusted contact, in order for him to get informed about the provided services and to confirm that he accepts the request of the user to become a trusted contact.

Creation of final mail
The user creates a new finalmail by filling in the e-mail address of the recipient, a title and the content of the message he wishes to send. He can optionally attach an archive and to choose a certain day and month, in which he wishes the finalmail to be sent. Finally, he can optionally choose the recipient to be notified about the creation of the finalmail. If the user allows it and the finalmail is successfully saved in the database, FinalMail will send an email to the recipient to inform him that a certain user wrote a finalmail for him. The content of the finalmail is not included in the aforementioned notification.

Code of encryption
Finalmail creates a random code of encryption for every account, with which all messages and attached archives of the user’s finalmail are encrypted. Finalmail saves only the encrypted messages and archives of finalmail. Their decryption, either when the user views or edits them, or for their forwarding when the trusted contacts successfully elicit it, can take place only when the user or the trusted contacts enter the code of encryption when they are prompted by the website.

Conveying of final mails
The procedure of conveying user’s finalmails begins when all the trusted contacts with no exception ask for it, by completing a certain submission form which is found in the online address www.finalmail.com/release.php. All the requests shall be confirmed via email which will be sent by Finalmail to the email address of the trusted contact which asks for it. Right after the successful confirmation of the request from the last trusted contact, a period of 30 days begins, in which Finalmail sends every day an email to the user (30 in total) and a SMS weekly (4 in total), in which it informs him that all his trusted contacts successfully asked for his finalmails to be sent. The user has the possibility to cancel the procedure by following the link which is provided to him. If the user does not cancel the procedure within the 30 days, then all his final mails and the attached archives are sent to the recipients chosen by him either at the 31st day or at the date (day and month) which he had chosen.

The responsibilities of Finalmail are limited to the provision of the availability of the online platform and it is not responsible for the users’ profiles or the content of the finalmails, archives, videos, photos, registration of the recipients’ email addresses and for the sending of finalmails. As a consequence, the creation, the content and the selection of the recipients of finalmails is under the responsibility of the users of the website. Finalmail has no means of checking and does not check the content of the users’ profiles nor the appropriateness or the legitimacy of the content of the saved emails which will be sent to their recipients.

The online platform of Finalmail uses highly ethical standards and respects the protection of the privacy of the users/visitors. You can read about our Privacy Policy analytically here.

C. Terms and Conditions for Users
In order for the visitor to use the possibility to send finalmails via the website, he will have to complete the registration form which is available on the website and to create an account (hereinafter “The Account”) as a user. With the registration, the creation of an account and by providing personal information, the user consents and gives his permission to Finalmail to proceed to the procedure of the verification, for reasons of security, of the data which was used, via internet. The personal data which is sent by the user during the registration procedure, is saved and archived by the Company for the period in which he retains an account as a user and until the finalmails which are registered in his account are sent. Every user/visitor guarantees that the information he provides the website is real, credible and correct. With the completion and submission of the online registration via the form to the website, an email will be sent (hereinafter email of confirmation) to the email address which was used by the user during the registration process. This email of confirmation will contain information about the way he will activate his account. With his registration the user agrees with these Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and with the Protection of Intellectual Property Policy.

The user has to keep the information about his registration at the website, (hereinafter “Information of Entry”) confidential and secure. Subject to any right or legal interest of the website, it keeps the right to suspend the user’s Information of entry and to inhibit his entry to the website, in case Finalmail reasonably believes that he has breached a term written in the text. Only with the user’s registration and provided that he accepts the terms and conditions, the Service will provide services, as those described in this text.

In case a user wants for any reason to delete his profile, the Finalmail deletes all the personal data, email trusted contacts’ addresses, finalmails and attached archives which have been registered in its database and informs via e-mail the user that in the next 48 hours all his data will be deleted. Additionally every user/visitor accepts and agrees that Finalmail retains the full discretion to delete his account when data saved or uploaded does not comply with the standards required by the users in the Website, after a written notification.

With his registration as a user and with the acceptance of the terms and regulations by him, the Finalmail will provide services of account creation, e-mails saving, attachment of archives, video and photos, registration of trusted contacts and forwarding his finalmails to their recipients. The finalmail is not responsible for the confirmation of the trusted contacts required in order for the sending of the finalmails to take place.

D. Additional user obligations
The user has to use the services of Finalmail and the Website at any time according to these terms. More specifically all the content that he uploads and saved in his account , which concerns finalmails, attached archives, videos, photos, or which is used by him to create his account, must follow the terms, as they are defined in this text. Finalmail provides the user with a unique encryption code, which is necessary for the provision of the services of the platform. The finalmail explicitly clarifies that for security reasons it does not save or retain anywhere this code. It is the user’s exclusive obligation to protect this code. In case of loss of this code, the Finalmail cannot in any way bring back the encrypted data (messages and attached archives in finalmails) of the user and it will be required for the user to delete his finalmails and to create them again, in order for Finalmail to create a new random encryption code for him. For the use of the services of Finalmail, the user is required to not provide information (concerning also his account), which he knows that is inaccurate, incorrect, incomplete or false. He acknowledges that it is his exclusive responsibility as a user to decide which contacts will be registered in his profile as trusted and what the content of finalmails and of their attachments (archives, photos, videos) is. Finalmail does not participate in any consensus between the user and anyone who is chosen by him to receive his finalmails. The use of the site is governed by the regulations of the Greek, the European and the International Law, which are binding for every user/ visitor, who is obliged to comply with them. Additionally the user/ visitor is obliged to use the content and the services of the according to the relevant legislation, the morality and these terms, abstaining from every action which could offend the moral or the personality of other users/visitors or which could cause problems in the normal operation of the site.

E. Financial Policy
Finalmail uses services of administration of payment by third parties, in order to process payments. It collaborates with Everypay and Paypal; platforms of online payments. All the elements of a credit/ debit card, which are provided by the user, are sent directly to Everypay or Paypal, without the intervention of Finalmail. Finalmail does not save any element of the user’s payment in its database.

F. Pricing and Payment
The charge of your credit/debit card or of your PayPal account will occur after the check and certification of its details and of its validity via the relevant services of payment administration, which are used by the user. The amount of charge shall be available and it will be retained after the confirmation of the order. In order to make your purchase through the website, you should follow the instructions provided. In the provided purchase form, you shall enter the full name of the card holder, the number, the CVV (Card Verification Value) and the expiry date of your credit/ debit card. You are the only responsible for the correct registration of the details of your credit card and you shall be beneficiary of the credit/ debit card you use for every transaction. The receipt will be uploaded in your account during the completion of the procedure of purchase and it will be sent also with an e-mail to your e-mail address.

Subscription period
Finalmail provides you with three options for your subscription:
A) “Lifetime” subscription, which is defined here as 50 years, including 50MB for attachment storage, at a cost of 19,99 Euro, or
B) 10 years subscription, including 1GB for attachment storage, at a cost of 34,99 Euro, or
C) 10 years subscription, including 5GB for attachment storage, at a cost of 59,99 Euro
In these costs, the Value Added Tax (VAT) is included. One month prior to the expiration of your subscription, you will get informed via an e-mail (using the e-mail address you have specified in your profile), in order to continue with its renewal, if you wish to. The renewal can occur through your Account. We do not proceed to any automatic renewal of subscription, so your action is required. If a successful payment- renewal does not occur, we retain the right to inhibit access to our Service until the payment is settled. All the charges are made in the euro currency. The use of cards which operate in a different currency may result, at the time of the transaction, to a conversion of the amount of the payment using the current exchange rate and your card will be charged with the converted amount.

In case that after the charge of your card you do not want to continue your subscription in order to have access to the services of Finalmail, you have the right to inform us via e-mail at refunds@finalmail.com within 14 days that you wish to withdraw from the right of access to our services, according to the regulations of L.2251/1994. Finalmail within 14 days following your declared withdrawal, must refund the cost of your last subscription. Finalmail, in such case, deletes all the personal data, email trusted contacts’ addresses, finalmails and attached archives which have been registered in its database.

You can cancel your subscription whenever you want. Finalmail does not provide refunds or credit for a partial use of the service. You can cancel your subscription from your account. You can communicate in info@finalmail.com in order to get instructions about the deactivation of your subscription. The company does not hold any responsibility if a deactivation by the users does not occur.

Changes in the Pricing Policy and in the Charges
Finalmail has the right to change its pricelists without warning and without prior notification of the user except via changing the prices on the website, as defined in the legislation.

G. Additional Exception of Guarantees for Users
You accept and agree that Finalmail provides you with only the facility to save finalmails and their attached archives for the purposes of forwarding them to selected recipients, in case something occurs to you. You accept and agree that usage of and reliance upon information found in the website is your responsibility and we won’t be held responsible for any damage or loss which may occur as a consequence or in relation with the use or reliance on such information. You have the obligation to carry out your own research and to ensure that you will comply with the obligations which apply to you. Finalmail will not be held responsible for any of your failures to comply with any relevant law or regulation, which may apply to your case during the use of the platform. You agree also that the Finalmail does not proceed to verification of the identity of the users, who are found at the Website. Consequently, Finalmail does not guarantee:
- The update, the completeness or the accuracy of the account of every user
- The identity of the users who use the Website.
You acknowledge also that Finalmail has no control and consequently no responsibility concerning the behavior of the users in the Website and of their trusted contacts as registered by the user.

H. Additional Exception of Guarantees for Users
Finalmail does not participate in anyway nor can be held responsible for any communication, transaction, meeting, arrangement or relationship between the users and the recipients of finalmails. The Company defines expressly and categorically that it can not be held responsible if the user fails to take action in time, the 30 days as specified, in order to cancel the sending procedure and as a consequence it takes place. The Company defines also expressly that it cannot be held responsible for the failure of receiving, for any reason, the notifications via email and SMS to the user.

If you want to submit a complaint concerning the provided service, you can do so by using the form «Contact us», which is available in the website. Finalmail will try to answer to your complaints in reasonable time and to take reasonable actions, as appropriate, in order to resolve the issue or complaint. Finalmail may inhibit or stop the use of Services if:
a) Finalmail thinks that you or someone, who uses your account in the website has failed to comply with these terms,
b) Finalmail thinks that the use is fraudulent, malicious or the services are overused,
c) Finalmail thinks that you have provided false, inaccurate or misleading information.
With the termination, your access to the profile will be inhibited and Finalmail has the right to delete your profile. Any changes to the above terms that does not comply with the law, becomes ineffective, without affecting in any case the validity of the other terms. This text contains all the terms and conditions agreed between the Company and the visitor/user of the pages and services and applies only to them. No amendment of these terms will be taken into consideration and will be part of this agreement, unless it is formulated in writing and has not been incorporated in it. These terms of use are governed by the Greek law. Any disputes arising in relation to these terms, the courts of Athens are designated.

The Company defines expressly that will make any technically feasible effort to secure the privacy and security of all data , which is saved by the user in the database, by using modern methods of security and encryption of data. In any case, it can not be held responsible for any information leak, which may happen with or without the responsibility of the user. Finalmail makes every possible effort in order for the provided services to be available, through its website www.finalmail.com, for 24 hours per day, for 365 days per year. However, by agreeing to these terms, the user accepts that Finalmail is not responsible, for periods of time, when there is a technical fault of servers or maintenance works are made and during which period the access to the services of Finalmail is not available.

The Company holds the right to suspend the operation of the provided services of Finalmail to new users at any time and for any reason it holds as significant. In this case, it will keep providing its services to already registered users (registered prior to the day of pause), for a period of 10 years starting from either the day of their registration or their last renewal (whichever happened last).