Final mails sending - Finalmail
Final mails sending

On this link One of your confirmed trusted contacts can request for your final mails to be sent. A confirmation via e-mail will follow and will be sent to this trusted contact. If all of your trusted contacts ask for the sending of your final mails, then the 30 days period commences immediately, during which we will send daily reminders, via e-mail and SMS. In this reminder we will inform you accordingly and invite you to cancel the sending of your final mails if you so wish. Our aim to to see if something has indeed happened to you. If you never take any action and do not cancel within 30 days, then your final mails will be sent on the 31st day.

Scheduled delivery: For any final mail you have created you are able to set a specific date of the month for it to be sent. In this case the final mail will not be sent on the 31st day but on the day & month you set, of the current year (or the next year if date is in the past). For example, if you have a final mail and you set the sending date as 25 December and your trusted contacts activate the sending of your mail on 1st March 2040, then the specific final mail will be sent on 25 December 2040.