Security - Finalmail

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The site operates in a safe environment SSL: all the information between the user's device and the server is exchanged encrypted and they cannot be accessed.

All the texts in the final mails as well as all files the user uploads, are automatically encrypted (and saved encrypted) with the highest security, using algorithms based on the encryption method Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256. This method was created in 2001 by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and was adopted as suitable for use by the American government in all security documents as of 2002.

Encryption code usage
The encryption occurs by using a unique 16 digit password. The decoding of the final mails and files is only possible when using this code. Finalmail creates randomly and gives this encryption code to the user, without it being saved, not even temporarily. Each time the user wishes to see or edit a final mail or a file uploaded, it is necessary to enter the code. Without it password decoding is not possible. The user can choose if they so wish to "save the code on their device" in order to not enter it each time. This should not be chosen by the user if they are connecting to Finalmail on a public device used by others. Should the password be lost, there is no possibility to decode-restore the final mails or the attached files within. In such event the only solution is to delete and create/upload them again, using a new password.

How will a final mail be decoded in order to be sent to its final recipient?
Finalmail does not have any way of decoding it, as it does not know the encryption code. The answer is "the trusted contacts provide it". At the time of its creation, the encryption code is sent to the user as well as to the trusted contacts for safekeeping. If ever they request the sending of the users' final mails, they will be requested to enter it. Informing a trusted contact of the encryption code is absolutely safe as the contact does not have any access to the encrypted message. Summing up: Finalmail has access only to the encrypted message. The trusted contacts have only the code. The user has both and therefore he/she is the only one who can read, modify, upload the final mails.

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