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To everyone! We all have thoughts, information, files we would like to share with specific people, if we knew that something were to happen to us.
No. It is very easy to use, just like creating an e-mail.

Trusted contacts

These are the people closest to you, family or very close friends, you choose as your nominated people who can request for your final mails to be sent. You register their e-mail address and we will send to them an e-mail requesting them to accept your request. In order for the final mails sending to commence, all your trusted contacts must request it using a relevant form. At least 2 trusted contacts are required and you may add up to 5. You can change a trusted contact at any time.
No. Absolutely no one has access to your final mails or the files you upload, except from yourself. The only role of the trusted contacts is to request your final mails sending.
Once every year you and your trusted contacts will receive an e-mail from Finalmail, reminding you of the functions. At any time you can edit or replace your trusted contacts.

Final Mails

You can create up to 5 final mails if you choose the 5-year subscription or up to 50 if you choose to subscribe for lifetime.
Once every year you will receive an e-mail from Finalmail, reminding you of the functions. You can edit your final mails at any time.
By default a final mail will be sent 30 days following the commencement of the process and providing you do not cancel it. Therefore it will be sent on the 31st day. However, you may choose a specific day and month and then the final mail will be sent on this date, of the current year. If for example, you have chosen the 25 December and the sending process happens on 1 March 2040, the final mail will be sent on 25 December 2040.
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, ZIP, RAR, PDF, photos in GIF, JPG, PNG format and videos in MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP.
Social Final Mail is a final mail like the rest of them, with the only difference being that you do not set the recipient. Anyone can subscribe on their own and they will receive it when all your final mails are sent. These registered users are called Final Followers. Finalmail provides you with a unique link through which users can register. Share it through your social media and invite your friends to become your final followers, if they so wish. How many and whom do you believe will register? Find it out.


All the texts in the final mails as well as all files the user uploads, without exception, are automatically encrypted (and saved encrypted) with the highest security, using algorithms based on the encryption method Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256. This method was created in 2001 by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and was adopted as the appropriate method for use by the American Government in all security documents as of 2002. For the encryption a 16-digit random unique code is used by every registered user.
Encryption is done using a unique 16-digit encryption code. The decoding of the final mails and files is only made using this code. Finalmail randomly creates and provides this code to the user, without saving it anywhere, not even temporarily. Each time you wish to read or edit a final mail or file you have uploaded, it is necessary to type in the code. Without this code decoding is not possible. For your convenience you may choose "to save the password on your device" so you do not have to enter it each time.
The encryption code is sent to your e-mail address when created. You can keep the mail or make a note of it offline (write it down) and to delete the email. You may also choose "to save the password on your device" so you do not have to enter it each time. This function should not be chosen if you connect to Finalmail through a shared device.
If the password is lost, there is no way of retrieving it. And there is absolutely no way of decoding/retrieving the final mails or the files attached. In this case the only solution is to delete the final mails and the files uploaded and create them again, in order to create a new encryption code.
Definitely not. Finalmail has no possibility in decoding it, as it does not know your password. The password is not saved on any server anywhere by Finalmail, not even temporarily.
The Finalmail has no way of decoding it, as it does not know the encryption code. The decoding is done with the assistance of your trusted contacts. At the time the code is generated, it is sent to you as well as you trusted contacts for safekeeping. If at any time they request for your final mails to be sent, entering this code will be required.
Absolutely. Informing your trusted contact of your encryption code is 100% safe as the contact does have any access to the encrypted message. Finalmail only has access to the encrypted message. Your trusted contacts only have the password. You have both and therefore only you can read the final mails.

Final mail sending

Through a specific link one of your confirmed trusted contacts can request for your final mails to be sent. Confirmation via e-mail will follow to the trusted contact. If all your trusted contacts request and confirm the sending of your final mails, this being the sending of your final mails, then the 30 days period commences immediately, during which we will send you daily notifications, via email and SMS. In the notification we will inform you accordingly and invite you to cancel the sending of your final mails, if you so wish. Our objective is to find out if indeed something has happened to you. If you never take any action and do not cancel within these 30 days, then your final mails will be sent on the 31st day. If you have chosen a specific date for final mails to be sent then these will be sent on this date of the current year.
It is an option and you can choose it on the creation page of a final mail at that time. They cannot in any case read your final mail. They will simply receive an e-mail which will inform them about Finalmail and that you have just created a final mail for them.
If the process of the sending of the final mails is completed, the recipient you set will receive an e-mail from Finalmail informing him/her of the service in detail. Following this Finalmail will call them to read out the Terms and confirm if he/she wishes to agree on the Terms and receive the final mail. The recipient can choose to decline, if they so wish. If they choose to receive it, then the final mail you prepared for them is sent to them instantly. The user sees also the date the final mail was created or last edited.
If your final mails are sent successfully, then your account is suspended and finally deleted permanently after 6 months.


Yes, you can permanently delete at any time all your data through your Profile.
It is an offer of the launch of Finalmail and it is equal to a 50-year subscription. The offer is valid for a limited period and can be terminated at any time, without any prior notice. It costs 19.99€, one-off payment. There will be no other charge.
All transactions are made through an affiliated platform dedicated to electronic payments. We do not intervene in the transaction, we do not collect or save any of your cards details whatsoever.
Finalmail only keeps the users' e-mail address. It also uses operational and advertising cookies, exclusively for the use of statistics and advertising purposes. Registered users can at any time choose to delete their account completely and this results as the complete, irrevocable and irreversible deletion of all their data.

Do you still have questions? Please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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