The need

How many outstanding matters would you have if something suddenly happened to you?

Think about it

Nobody knows what will happen at any moment. How much personal information, files, photos, videos or just secrets and thoughts can suddenly be lost forever? For most of us, a lot. What can you do about this?

The solution
The solution


Finalmail is the first absolutely secure platform worldwide giving you the opportunity to create e-mails to the people you want, which will be sent only if something happens to you. Finalmail safeguards important information, data files, photos, videos will not be suddenly lost forever and the thoughts and words you wish to say to your special ones, will be sent at the right time.


Nominate trusted contacts

You choose 2 to 5 people closer to you. Only they will be allowed to confirm that something has happened to you and request for your e-mails to be sent. They do not have any access to these e-mails.

Create your final mails

It is as simple as writing an e-mail. You define the recipient and write the message. You can also attach files or photos or videos to your mail message.

Only you have access

We respect your privacy, we protect your data! We use the top encryption method worldwide, also used by USA government. Whatever you upload (messages, files, photos, videos) is encrypted with a unique encryption code Finalmail provides you. We do not store this code. Only you have access. No one else.

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When will the final mails be sent?

Your trusted contacts can request it through a simple form they submit on this website. From then on and for the next 30 days, we will daily sent to you e-mail and SMS notifications whereby you may cancel the process. If there is no cancellation within 30 days then your final mails will be sent immediately after.

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Have questions?

See our F.A.Q.



Things you wish to say or have not said till now, to certain people. Write them down and Finalmail will send them at the right time.


Do you have any secrets which you don't want to be lost forever? Finalmail can help you reveal them at the right time.

Personal information

How much knowledge do only you have? All this can be lost at any time. Finalmail can help so this does not happen.


Passwords, accounts, etc. You can leave instructions to those you wish to obtain access.

Crypto Currency

Holders of crypto Currency know only too well that if they lose access to their digital wallet there is no way to restore it, and the monies are lost forever. In order to secure them: leave instructions to the people you want to obtain access.


Save & attach files, photos, videos which you don’t want to be lost forever with absolute security.


Discover our gallery with ready-to-use messages and get inspired. Select the one that expresses your feelings and thoughts and copy it to your final mail.

You just enter the recipient's e-mail address and your final mail is done.



More and more people create their own final mails. You could be next.


final mails already created
(October 5, 2023)

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